Coaches of every sport will tell you that great teams are made in practice, but great players are made at home. The wording might vary, but basically it means that in order for a player to reach their personal potential they have to spend time working on their own.

Below is a list of workouts any player can use to improve their skills and confidence – most take just 10-15 minutes! For beginners, doing one workout per day will lead to noticeable increases in ability and confidence within a week or two. Doing more than one each day will accelerate improvement. For intermediate and higher level players these workouts would likely be combined to create more complete workouts depending on the amount of time available.

Stationary Ball Handling

These drills can all be done with very limited space (eg. in a garage or other indoor spaces with hard floor). They’re not just great for beginners! They’re also great for all levels of players on those days when weather doesn’t allow for going outside and for when time is limited.

Ball Handling Level 1

Ball Handling Level 2

Ball Handling Level 3


Ball Handling With Movement




Footwork and Agility