The Blue Bullets, established in 2013, is a basketball team in the Bartlett area. This site is is meant to enable communication between the parents, coaches, and players and is currently an experiment. It is my hope that as we get better at using this as a tool we can become better as a team due to everyone having access to more information about what we’re doing as a team. The players that really want to improve their skills and their knowledge about our system will find this site to be invaluable in their endeavors.

As a coach I would not post anything “super secret” to a public area of this site, but when it comes to our basic offense and defensive schemes, well, we do what what we do.

As Coach Pete Bell tells his players in Blue Chips “I’ll send a note on over to Bobby Knight and I’ll tell him exactly what we’re gonna do. I’ll give him our offense. I’ll give him our defense. Because it’s not what’s you do; it’s how you do it!”

Let’s go do it!